About Us

We are a manufacturing rep agency, with the primary goal to ensure our customers and distributors find the right product for their specific needs.We can also stock product for select manufacturers. From Power Transmission and Hydraulic Components to Protect Equipment and Solid Material Processing machines, we have partnered with the best companies locally and around the globe to deliver products that meet your needs. ​

Our goal is to service our customers who are OEM's, Manufacturers, and Distributors providing the best customer service possible utilizing our teams experience in purchasing, engineering, and quality methodologies to help them achieve their goals with the manufacturers we represent.

Our History

We were established in 2016, under our owner, Anthony Pruszenski,  with the goal of becoming a leading rep agency in the manufacturing industry by utilizing the teams broad industrial expertise, exceptional customer relationship management skills, and seasoned project management expertise. Our President, Anthony Pruszenski graduated from R.I.T. with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Project Management. Unlike others in his field he is an experienced Tool and Die Design Engineer who has worked in the Procurement Field for the last 15 years in growing capacity. Understanding the needs of his customers from an engineering and a supply chain stand point, he realizes the steps they must go through to find the right product that meets the Quality, On Time Delivery, and Pricing requirements their company needs to hit the bottom line. 


To be recognized as the preferred partner for both our manufacturers and our customers by offering solutions that are designed to solve the problem and engineered to last.  

We assist our manufacturers and customers in the manufacturing and distribution industries to improve their profitability. We do this by reducing costs, improving product performance, delivered on time so they can geometrically expand their market's.
Our Slogan
Designed to Solve the Problem, Engineered to Last.

Living our Slogan

Our Values