Who We Are

                                                      We are a manufacturing rep agency, with the primary goal to assist engineering and procurement teams find the right suppliers for their specific needs. From manufactured components, bearings, hydraulic rotary actuators, cam followers, yoke rollers, Linear motion systems, chain, pumps, bin activators robotic integration, painting and plating services, we have partnered with the best companies locally and around the globe to deliver engineered required parts that meet the quality, delivery, and pricing requirements of our customers.


                                                      To be recognized as the preferred partner who offers Strategic Sourcing Solutions to our Customers.


                                                      ¨      Honesty

                                                      ¨      Respect

                                                      ¨      Integrity

                                                      ¨      Passion

                                                      ¨      Quality

                                                      ¨       Dedication



                                                      ¨      The Americas - SJH & Wanda ONLY

                                                      ¨      Pennsylvania

                                                      ¨      Ohio 

                                                      ¨      West Virginia

                                                      ¨  Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey (Select  Principals)


                                                      Not all capabilities are listed. Call us to discuss


                                                      Commodities — Line Card

                                                      Our manufacturing partners can produce:

                                                      Power Transmission and
                                                      Motion Controls: 

                                                      ¨      Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

                                                      ¨      Bearings

                                                      All Bearings from A to Z to include but not limited to:

                                                      -       Roller Bearings

                                                      -       Ball Bearings

                                                      -       Spherical Bearings

                                                      -       Pillow Block Bearings / Inserts

                                                      -       Specialty Bearings


                                                      ¨      Seals —Shaft Seals, Bearing Seals

                                                      ¨      Ball Joints

                                                      ¨      Cam Followers / Yoke Rollers

                                                      ¨      Spherical Rod Ends  Connecting Linkages

                                                      ¨      Linear Motion Systems

                                                      ¨      Chain, Clevis

                                                      ¨      Manufactured in the USA or Globally


                                                      Material Processing:

                                                      ¨      Pumps

                                                      ¨      Mechanical Seals / Ball Check Valves

                                                      ¨      Bin Activators, Bulk Bag Fillers / Unloaders

                                                      ¨      Any type of Solid Material Movers to include Conveyors and System Integration

                                                      Specialty Machines:

                                                      ¨      Robotics

                                                      ¨      System Automation and integration

                                                      Painting, Plating Services

                                                      Our capabilities Include the following services:

                                                        Zinc Plating: Barrel & Rack:  

                                                      ¨      Trivalent Chromates: clear, yellow, black

                                                      ¨      Other Chromates: hex black, hex yellow, olive drab


                                                      Zinc Nickel Alloy: Barrel & Rack:

                                                      ¨      5% to 15% Nickel Deposits

                                                      ¨      Trivalent Chromates

                                                      ¨      1000 hour salt spray results


                                                      Phosphate: Barrel & Rack:

                                                      ¨      Zinc Phosphate

                                                      ¨      Manganese Phosphate


                                                      E-Coat / Electrocoat:

                                                      ¨      Rack up to 20’ x 10’ x 3’


                                                      Wet Paint:

                                                      ¨      Automotive Finish Capable


                                                      Powder Paint:

                                                      ¨      Rack up to 40’x14’x10’