Plating & Painting

Painting and Plating process can be completed to various specifications.

Our principal has been approved by many of the large OEM’s to provide them with the best material coverage solutions available.

Plating Services:


Zinc Plating: Barrel & Rack

¨     Rack up to 12.5′ long

¨     Trivalent Chromates: Clear, Yellow, Black

¨     Other Chromates: Hex Black, Hex Yellow, and Olive Drab


Zinc Nickel Alloy: Barrel & Rack

¨     5% to 15% Nickel Deposits (easily exceeds 1,000 Salt spray Hours)

¨     Trivalent Bromates

¨       1,000 hour salt spray results


Phosphate: Barrel & Rack

¨     Zinc Phosphate

¨     Manganese Phosphate

Resin Impregnation: Basket & Barrel

¨       High Temperature Resin

¨       Eliminates Bleedout & Improves Product Life


Painting Services:


Electrocoat ( E-Coat)

¨     PPG Powercron 6000 Cathodic Epoxy (controllable thickness
consistent over the whole part)

¨     Rack up to 20’x10’x3′


Wet Paint:

¨     Automotive Finish Capable


Powder Paint:

¨     Rack up to 40’x14’x10′

Preperation: Sand Blasting & Vibratory Finishing

¨       Capabilities up to 40' x 14' x 10'


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Performance standards to meet your needs.