Living Our Slogan

Designed To Solve The Problem,

Education is the building block of a great working relationship! We are available to provide on-site or virtual presentations about the products we offer and how they will benefit you and your customers. We can even offer hands-on training with models/samples to build confidence understanding how the product works.

Onsite Surveys

Once  you understand our product offering, we move to an on-site survey to see the problems you are looking to solve.   We have the experience and expertise to evaluate your trouble areas and recommend the best long-term solution.

Technical Support

Once the product is in house, we are here to support all aspects of the process – from installation, instructions for use, to technical support.   We can answer any questions about the products purchased and even work directly with your team to see that the products are installed, operated, and maintained properly to ensure performance.

Seeing the Order Through

Our service doesn’t stop once we receive the purchase order!   We are here through the entire process to ensure the order is accurate and you receive an order confirmation in a timely manner.   We can arrange shipping through our carrier or your account to ensure the product is delivered when you need it.   Once you receive the order, we   are readily available   for installation   support as needed.

Years  Of Experience Building a Reputation

We have worked hard over the years to build a reputation we are proud of.   Our customers know they can count on us for the long haul.   We face every problem with an engineering attitude using the DMAIC Method and start out by asking the basic of questions 5-Whys .   We do what other Rep Agencies don t.   Thanks to our teams vast experiences in Engineering, Purchasing, and Quality fields, we understand and know how to work with your teams.   We are TAP Industrial Sales.

Engineered To Last.

TAP Industrial Sales is here to support you by representing Quality Manufacturers.   In addition, we pride ourselves in providing manufacturers who are focused on increasing market share by providing innovative products.

Innovative Products

This is what separates the best from the rest.   When you work with TAP Industrial Sales, we do the hard part for you we only represent quality manufacturers who are proven in the field and offer innovative solutions to your manufacturing problems.   Our manufacturers might not be the big boys in the industry, but they are focused on new development and product improvements that could lead to increased market share.


Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you.   We are actively looking for opportunities to support you as your needs evolve to grow your business.   We are the supply partner you want to grow your business.