Robotics & Automated Surface Prep

TAP Industrial Sales has partnered with a company who provides state of the art technology to solve our customers surface preparation and intelligent robotic needs through product services and partnerships.

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Automated Deburring

A brief look into Reliabotics automation and integrated solutions implemented across various industries such as automotive, deburring, medical, CO2 Cleaning, packaging, manufacturing and many more.


Deburring & Finishing Brushes

Stone brushes are a new line of deburring brushes made from proprietary ceramic fiber. Made in Japan, these industry-proven brushes are specially designed from the best technology available to remove burrs and impart surface finishes in rotary tools. Abrasive brushing is a proven technology for removing burrs and a great alternative to abrasive blasting.

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Robot-Ready CO2 Cleaning Systems

Our CO2 cleaning systems replace ultrasonic cleaners, alcohol wipes, and water wash, as well as reduce operating costs. With our unique and advanced patented nozzle technology, we have now enabled robots to clean surfaces of any size with consistency, repeatability, and lower risk.

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Pre-Engineered Robotic Systems

Advantages of these pre-engineered systems include:

  • Much lower cost than custom engineered systems
  • Faster delivery than conventional one-off systems
  • Shipped pre-assembled allowing fast integration on your floor
  • Easily configured for your application
  • Tried-and-True design dependability

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