TAP Industrial Sales has partnered with a company that can handle a pump for any given situation. They have been providing pumps, valves, and mechanical seals since 2002. They have a combined experience of 60 years in the business. They offer a full line of ANSI pumps and parts interchangeable with Guilds 3196, Peerless 8196, summit 2196, Griswold 896 and many other popular makes of ANSI pumps and parts. 

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Chemical Processing

1196 Series ANSI Chemical Process Pumps

Pumps are ANSI centrifugal end suction frame mounted pumps, designed for pumping corrosive fluid handling applications. The pumps are semi-open and designed for heavy duty application.


Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refineries

Food Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant

Ethanol Plant

Waste & water treatment Plant

Paint Hot Oil
Sugar Industries

1296 Series ANSI Close Coupled Pumps

Designed with standard NEMA/IEC electric motors. These pumps occupy less space as compared to frame mounted pumps as they do not use Base Frame, Coupling or Coupling Guard. Parts of ANSI Close Couple Pumps are interchangeable with other series of pumps.

1796 Series ANSI Self-Priming Pumps

Designed to provide self priming applications in chemical process and wastewater industries. Rotech ANSI Self priming pumps offer interchangeability of parts with 1196 series of pumps.


Water , Waste water

Sea Water



High Pressure Process

Centrifugal Pumps

DN Series Frame Mounted Centrifugal End Suction Pumps              

DN series pumps are End suction Frame Mounted Pumps available in various materials of construction.

DNJ Series Close-Coupled Centrifugal End Suction Pumps

Available in various materials of construction i.e. All iron , CI/BR Fitted, CI/SS Fitted , All 316ss Fitted.

    DNJ Series Pumps are designed for applications in medium duty service, in heating     and air conditioning, booster and general circulating services.

RST Series Close-Coupled Centrifugal Pump

Stainless steel end-suction pumps are excellent solution for industrial application where both small and large volume of media needs to be transferred or circulated. They provide exceptional performance when pumping clean, slightly dirty or aggressive media. These are just few examples of the many benefits these pumps can provide.

Chiller Systems
Filtration Systems
Liquid Transfer
Spray Systems 
Washing / Cleaning
Water Circulation

 RCP Series Close-Coupled Centrifugal End Suction Pumps with NPT Threaded

RCP series pumps are economical OCM pumps. Pumps are available in cast Iron Bronze fitted construction with enclosed impeller. The pumps close coupled with NEMA face motor.


City water, Apartment Building

Water & wastewater

Circulating water & Chillers

Irrigation & HVAC

Self Priming Pumps

SCP/SFP Series Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Designed for pumping water ,waster water and light slurry liquids. The pumps are End suction horizontally mounted & back pullout design. The Pumps are supplied in 1.5”x 1.5”, 2”x 2”, 3”x 3”sizes with NPT threaded connection

Self-Priming Trash Pumps

  • SPT Self-Priming Trash Pumps Equivalent to GR-T Series Pumps
SPT series pumps are self priming pumps with two vaned opened impeller designed for economical & trouble free operation in solid handling sewage & slurries. 
  • SPU Self-Priming Trash Pumps Equivalent to GR-U Series Pumps
SPU series pumps are self priming pumps with multiple vaned opened impeller designed for economical & trouble free operation in solid handling sewage & slurries. 

Water and Waste Treatment
Municipality, City Water
Sugar Industries
Effluent Treatment
Sewage Lift Station
Industrial Chemical Was

S100 Series Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps

S100 series pumps sanitary centrifugal pumps are designed to use for Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industries for their various products applications.

Specially for Dairy, Beverage, Beer, Pharmaceutical & Biological Products

Vertical  Pumps

RVI80 Series Vertical Inline Pumps

The Series RVI80 is an efficient, heavy-duty, close coupled pumps designed for horizontal and vertical in-line mounting directly in pipeline.

Heating and Air conditioning
Apartment building 
General Circulating water services
Pressure Boosting systems
Industrial Process Systems

RVMS Series Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

RVMS pumps are stainless steel vertical Multistage pumps available in wide ranges and size. Pumps are supplied with 150# and 300# ANSI flanges.

RVM type pump is used for pumping non-corrosive liquid, while RVMS/RVP type pump is suitable for pumping slightly corrosive liquid. RVM Pump is provided with cast iron base & cast iron Flange connections, while RVMS is provided with standard cast iron base & Stainless Steel Flange connections. RVP is provided with standard cast iron base & Stainless Steel NPT threaded connections.
Water supply: Water filtration, transporting liquid to Water works, pressure boosting of main line, Pressure boosting in High-Rise buildings.
Industrial Liquid transfer, HVAC, boiler feed water application, condensing system.
Irrigation: Farmland irrigation, spray irrigation, dripping irrigation.
Industrial: Pressure boosting, Process flow water system, cleaning system, high-pressure washing system, fire-fighting system. 
Water treatment: Ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis system, distillation system, separator, swimming pool.

                RVT Series Vertical Turbine Pumps

RVT series pumps are heavy duty rugged construction designed to operate in extreme conditions. The discharge head is in fabricated construction.

L100 Series Lobe Pumps

L100 series Lobe Pumps are designed to use for food, Beverage and pharmaceutical industries for their various products applications.

Sanitary Food Applications
High viscous fluid like Cheese, Sugar, Honey, Chemicals, Chemical Waste, Lime Slurry. etc.

RHS Series Pumps

RHS series pumps are Frame Mounted Pumps available in various material of construction such as all iron, cast iron bronze fitted, all stainless steel construction.