Silent Gear Pumps

Silent Gear Pumps are used in the most demanding applications imaginable. Typical markets include: Agriculture, Construction, and Material Handling.


TAP Industrial Sales has partnered with SJ Hydraulics, who provide Silent Gear Pumps in a global marketplace that meet or exceed the competition’s products and your expectations. Our team has boots on the ground in all over North America to be your point of contact and liaison between you the customer and SJ Hydraulics. Let us show you why SJ Hydraulics is winning customers in North America.


The Silent Gear Pump represents an excellent solution to reduce noise levels and vibrations that can impede the operator. By manufacturing tighter tolerance helical gears, we are able to improve overall performance and external noise in the system.


The Gear Pumps guarantee an important reduction in noise levels in comparison with standard gear pumps.


Silent Gear Pumps allow:

  • Very good volumetric and mechanical efficiencies.

  • Low noise level.

  • Reduction of inside pulsations.

  • Reduced cost savings by eliminating secondary noise reductions.

  • High efficiency that provides a longer service life