Roll-Up Doors

TAP Industrial Sales has partnered with Hennig . Our team has the best engineering support around and can help you with your Roll-Up Doors.  Roll-Up Doors are found on fire and emergency trucks, work trucks, service trucks, utility vehicles and delivery vehicles and are a safer way to work around your trucks when out in the field.

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A Safer Way to Work 

Aluminum roll-up doors not only avoid dangerous situations, they also offer a more compact, safer, and durable solution than standard hinge doors.

  • Safer than hinge doors which can swing out into traffic
  • Loaded roller that allows for even more compartment space
  • “Bulb-style” bottom seal that is less susceptible to damage
  • Cycle-testing for longevity
  • Made of individual aluminum profiles quick and easy repairs Discover more

TRUCK PROTECT - Our Name Says It All

If you’ve driven a utility truck before, you know how difficult using a hinged door can be.

You’ve probably prayed that passing cars and trucks don’t damage your open door. If a driver isn’t paying attention and cuts too close to it, that door may fly off the hinge and shatter their windshield with it.

Scary, right?  Find out how Hennig is helping to create a safer environment for work truck operators.

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